Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay for a listing
Each listing can be activated for a period of time.
You can purchase a listing time via PayPal, or using a promotional code.
After you can activate a listing.
There is an option to use all available time to a single listing or just a portion. Remaining time can be shared with other listings or used later.

What is an item status
New item is created with the Inactive status. It is invisible to other site visitors.
If you activate an item, you have also add some listing time to it. Status will be changed to Active.
After listing time expires, item disappears from list of available items, and status changed to Expired.
You can manually change status to Inactive or Sold. Unused listing time will be returned to your account and can be used later.

How can I promote my item
Items are ordered by expiry date. More listing time you submit, closer to the top your item will be.

What can I read about firearms regulations and selling procedure
There are some papers from RCMP: